Hand And Finger Tattoo Lettering For Hardcore Aficionados

Yes, sporting a tattoo isnt really unusual nowadays. Nearly 40% of adults ranging from 18 to 40 years old have at least one tattoo. If so, what distinguishes hard-core tattoo devotees from standard buffs and casual admirers? Is it when a person has his entire body inked like a full-sized painting canvas? Is the number of tattoos really the yardstick then?

It appears that the right question is not how many, but where. What sets hard-core aficionados from the rest is their fearlessness to put tattoos on locations that cannot be hidden by clothing. This is the ultimate manifestation of die-hard love for tattoo art: you are so proud of your tattoos that you brazenly flaunt them, indifferent to negative associations or cultural and religious prejudices.

For the better part of the 20th century, hand and finger tattoos served as the demarcation line because they are almost always exposed for everyone to see. Most hand and finger tattoos are words, usually succinct to adjust to the small space. They normally make use of just eight letters, one on each finger, spread evenly across both hands. Some of the celebrities who wear hand tattoos are biker superstar Carey Hart, Portia de Rossi, Colin Farrell, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, Carmen Electra, and even seasoned actresses Helen Mirren and Jessica Lange.

The Laura Mostaghel Home And Interior Decor Collection

I would like to tell you about the work of one of America’s most outstanding and fastest-rising artists, Laura Mostaghel. Her complete catalog is in itself a work of art.

Laura produces hand-made and -crafted works that will grace any home in your choice of:

Paintings Vases and Tile Murals
Watercolors Jewelry Pins
Gicles Ceramic Boxes
Prints Etchings

Beethoven, The Most Influential Composers In Western Classical Music

Born in December 1770 in Bonn, Germany, Beethoven was a great composer and pianist. Considered to be one of the most influential composers in Western Classical Music, he wrote nine symphonies, nine concerti and a variety of orchestral work, overtures and incidental music and other occasional work.

Beethoven started learning music at a very young age from renowned musicians of those times. With his extraordinary talent, he captured the attention of several famous musicians and made his first public appearance at Vienna in 1795 where he was to play his own work. This was followed by a tour to Prague, Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin. He had debuted with a piano concerto in the same year in Budapest. Till then he had established himself as a piano virtuoso.

Beethoven Piano Concertos

Mantri Alpyne Project In Bangalore Call 9717841117

Mantri developer is about to launch his new up upcoming projects MantriAlpyne located at Uttarahalli in Bangalore. Exactly located at Banshankari 5th stage Uttarahalli in the field of Silicon Valley the project is ranging in form of 2/3 BHK apartments spread over 970 sqft to 1250 sqft area. Set in charming tropical environment.

Mantri Alpyne is offers extra ultra-modern amenities. Each apartment is airy and uniquely planned to ensure maximum air circulation. The bedrooms are well-ventilated and stylish appointed.

Today as a large city and growing metropolis, Bangalore is home to many of the most well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India. Numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organisations are located in the city. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its position as the nation’s leading IT exporter.A demographically diverse city, Bangalore is a major economic and cultural hub and the fastest growing major metropolis in India.

Classical & Elegant Weddings In Charlotte Harp Music

A wedding should be both stylish and elegant. A wedding should reflect the personality of the Bride. A wedding should be a special memory for that will linger in the minds of not only the participants but also the guests. Whether the Brides style is simple elegance or sophisticated elegance, the memorable components of all weddings are the same: the Wedding Ceremony, the Wedding Gown, the Wedding Cake and the Wedding Reception. The wedding day belongs exclusively to the Bride only until it is shared with the guests.

The Wedding Ceremony is the nucleus of the Wedding; it sets the tone for the entire Wedding Day. Nothing says elegance and is more memorable than live classical music. There is no more memorable wedding music than the harp played during the wedding processional. In the Charlotte, NC area, harpist Camille Gotta provides a Wedding Ceremony package that includes playing a repertoire of songs for 30 minutes prior to the actual ceremony, during the processional and during the recessional. Just as the harpist is able to set the mood before the wedding service by playing the special music selected by the bride, the wedding receptions sophistication is able to continue as the harpist plays tasteful and refined background music during the reception. Camille is available to work with the Bride in choosing the perfect songs to not only set the mood for the wedding day but, also, that reflect the personality of the Bride and Groom and makes this special event a distinctive and memorable event for all those in attendance.

The Wedding Cake is the exclamation point of the Wedding Day. The wedding cake should be formal and sophisticated and, at the same time, chic. Yet, the Wedding Cake must be an individualized reflection of the Bride. The Wedding Cake must be as unique as is this special event. The Wedding Cake should not be an afterthought nor should it be left to chance. Pastry Chef Katie Blackwell-Martins specialty is wedding cakes. However, chic cannot be left to chance. Chef Blackwell-Martin of Katiebelles is available not only for the Wedding Cake but, also, for everything from entremets at the rehearsal dinner to groomsman. Cake flavors include Caramel, Sweet Potato Spice, White Chocolate, Kahlua Velvet, Coconut, Dark Chocolate, German Chocolate, Carrot, Pina Colada, Dreamsicle, Amoretto, French Vanilla, Southern Pound, Lemon Crme Cheese, and Vanilla Crme Cheese. Pastry Chef Katie Blackwell-Martin of Charlotte, NC may be reached by emailing